Don’t Text and Drive!

The Ontario Provincial Police has declared that enough is enough! The current fine for texting or talking on your hand held device while driving is $155.00. Police say that this fine is to low and is not stopping drivers from putting down their devices.

In 2010 there were 7733 collisions that were deemed to be caused by distracted drivers, 35 resulting in death and 1040 were considerably injured. Studies have proven that drivers on their mobile devices are more impaired then someone driving with over the legal limit of alcohol.

You need to understand the level of risk you are dealing with when you are driving distracted. Distracted driving kills. Texting has become the single biggest traffic concern of drivers on the road today.

The non compliance by many motorists regarding the use of handheld devices has promoted one of the largest enforcement campaigns in history. If passed we will be looking at larger fines with demerit points, these fines will effect your insurance premium and possibly your insurance coverage.

Please do not text or talk on your phone while your driving. Turn your phone off before you get into your vehicle.



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