Slip and Falls in Snow and Ice in Ontario

Winters in Ontario are long and produce plenty of ice and snow that can lead to slip and fall accidents, which in turn can sometimes lead to serious injuries.

In most slip and fall cases, liability is closely looked at and the issues of causation or contributory negligence are challenged. Therefore, seeking legal advice if you have been injured in a Slip and Fall accident is imperative.

If you or someone you know is injured in a Slip and Fall on City Property, which is common during the Winter months, please have them immediately seek legal advice. Slip and Falls on City Property must be immediately reported. Written Notice must be provided to the City within ten (10) days from the fall. The Notice should describe the particulars involving the fall, the date, time, location, etc.

Slip and Falls on private property offer you more time to report and send notice out. Nevertheless, you should still seek immediate legal advice in order to ensure the legal issues are dealt with in a timely and legal matter.

If you or your loved one becomes involved in a slip and fall, ensure to document the accident and your injuries. Liability most often becomes an issue, therefore, you want to be prepared with as much evidence or information you can possibly gather. Document the circumstances of the fall, take pictures if you can. Speak to anyone who witnessed the accident and obtain their name and contact information. Then proceed to seek a personal injury lawyer for further handling.



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