Tis the Season

Are you planning on hosting a party this holiday season? When you host any type of event where alcohol is being served you may be held responsible for what happens to your guests. If you decide to provide alcohol as part of your festivities, whether your event is at home or elsewhere you may be held responsible for your guest’s actions. For instance you could be sued if a guest starts a fight, falls down stairs or drives home after drinking and is involved in a car crash. And serving someone to the point of intoxication could result in personal responsibility to you for any injury to them or damage caused by them.

If you are going to be hosting a get together plan to drink minimally or not at all so you can stay in control and on top of things. Before the party gets going, it’s important to make sure all your guests have planned for a safe ride home or be prepared to arrange rides if needed. Never serve alcohol to minors in Ontario the legal drinking age is 19 years. Mix and serve drinks yourself or appoint a trustworthy bartender rather than let guests serve themselves. Stop serving all liquor at least an hour before the party is due to wrap up, make the transition by serving food, coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Being aware of problems and planning ahead will be the recipe for a great get together, keep your entertaining fun and safe. If you want more information on host liability you can contact you insurance provider to help you understand your risks and to go over your insurance policies third party liability coverage.



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