Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Guelph?

You never know in life when you are going to be involved in an accident. Even worse, to have to suffer physical or psychological injury as a result. Unfortunately, disaster can come from anywhere and hit at any time and in any place. Do you really have the energy to deal with the stresses associated with lodging and managing a claim for compensation?

That is where we step in to help you. 

If you have been involved in an accident through no fault of your own and have suffered an injury, you have a right to be compensated not only for the injury itself but for the cost of putting everything right again. 

We are De Rose—Leading Personal Injury Lawyers in Guelph 

As one of the leading law firms in Guelph, De Rose's team of experienced personal injury lawyers are ready to take control of your claim and deliver the compensation you deserve. 

When you choose De Rose Lawyers you can expect to receive an excellent level of service and a dedicated team of experts who will handle your claim from start-to-finish. It doesn't matter what your injury is or how severe it is, we are equipped to manage any situation and all types of personal injury claims. From minor injuries sustained in a collision, to orthopedic and catastrophic psychological harm. 

By trusting De Rose Layers, a leading law firm in Guelph and the Greater Toronto area, to handle your case, you can focus more on what's important to your - recovery and rehabilitation. 

What Can We Help With?

Personal injury is a very broad area of the law, and you probably won't be surprised when we say that the number of potential injuries an individual can suffer is even broader. As a leading firm, however, we can handle any type of claim involving any type of injury. 

Some of these areas include:

Types of AccidentTypes of InjuryOther Areas
ATV accidents Back and neck injuries Accident benefits
Motor vehicle accidents Concussion Premise liability
Motorcycle accidents Spinal cord injuries Disability claims
Pedestrian accidents Traumatic brain injuries Slips and falls
Victims of drunk drivers Catastrophic Injuries Burns and scars
Snowmobile accidents Product liability
Victims of uninsured drivers
Public transport accidents

With over 40 years' worth of experience in personal injury law, the team here at De Rose is always ready to take on any type of claim. 

Get in Touch to Begin Your Claim

When you trust in our team of experts at De Rose, you will come out on top of your claim and walk away with the compensation that you deserve and are entitled to. Even if you aren't quite sure that you have suffered a personal injury that's worth claiming for, we recommend still getting in touch regardless for a free consultation. 

From the word go, the team at De Rose will handle your case and navigate it through the complicated personal injury claims process. We will of course only involve you where it is absolutely necessary. 

If you think you have a personal injury claim and would like to take the next steps, then it’s time to contact us today. 

Toll Free: 1.855.DEROSE1(3376731)


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