Paraplegic Injuries

Accidents involving damage to the spinal cord or brain may sometimes result in the devastating condition of paraplegia. Paraplegia occurs when the body loses all sensory function in its lower half, causing a serious impairment of movement abilities, inability to control the bladder and bowel, and other struggles that in turn may cause further medical issues.

For some, paralysis may transpire after being involved in an automotive, industrial or sports-related accident. If you or a loved one have become a victim in such an incident and are now struggling with paraplegia, you have the right to receive full compensation for your losses.

Our lawyers that specialize in paraplegic injuries will work with you and for you to earn you restitution. De Rose Personal Injury Law Firm offers the highest quality of care for clients, and ensures that your path to justice is successful. This will allow you to emerge from this traumatic experience with strength, confidence and dignity.

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