Traumatic Brain Injuries

Also known as intracranial injuries, traumatic brain injuries are caused when an external force damages the brain. Traumatic brain injuries are an unfortunate reality all over the world. Such injuries are most commonly caused in various types of accidents – automotive, industrial, sports-related, or otherwise. The consequences of traumatic brain injuries can be devastating, permanently impacting one’s cognitive and physical abilities.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident and are now struggling with traumatic brain injuries, you have the right to full restitution for your losses. The legal process following such an accident can be overwhelming and confusing. At De Rose Personal Injury Law Firm, our lawyers specializing in traumatic brain injuries can help you navigate the path to justice, earning you maximum benefits with minimum anxiety. By partnering with a De Rose Personal Injury Lawyer specialist, you will emerge from this experience with strength and confidence.

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